Which companies are going bankrupt?

By: Alex Lantier and Laura Miller – 10:45 a.m.

A wave of bankruptcies has hit the oil and gas industry, including companies with the world’s largest reserves.

In the past two years, five companies have filed for bankruptcy.

The largest was BP, the world leader in the drilling and fracking of oil and natural gas, which reported a loss of more than $2 billion.

The industry is on track to lose more than two thirds of its value.

The five companies are among more than 1,300 that filed for Chapter 11 protection.

In a series of interviews, some in the industry say it’s too soon to talk about a long-term downturn.

That’s because the industry has been hit by the most devastating downturn since the Great Recession.

It’s not that companies have been bankrupting, but they have been hit hard.

Some have moved their operations abroad.

The most notable of those is Noble Energy, which has shuttered about a third of its oil production in the U.S. and Canada, and is on the brink of bankruptcy.

Noble is one of the largest producers of oil in the world.

Its assets are in bankruptcy.

Its shares have dropped 50% since late last year.

It is one in a series that have dropped in value in the past year as investors have watched oil prices fall.

The share price has also dropped about 75% since early 2018.

Noble’s bankruptcy filing is a sign of the industry’s problems, according to Michael C. Bekken, the head of investment banking at Fidelity.

It is a big story, and it’s going to be very difficult to put the recovery of the oil industry back on track,” he said.

Noble has filed for an initial public offering and has about $4 billion in debt, he said, adding that there’s no reason to believe the company will be able to repay it all.

Noble will likely file for bankruptcy protection in the next few months.

It’s not just Noble.

Another company that filed bankruptcy is the energy giant EOG Resources.

EOG is one the largest operators of oil sands, which produce a mix of hydrocarbons from the Canadian tar sands and the oil sands in the United States.

Eog’s assets are valued at about $20 billion, and its creditors are negotiating with creditors, according the company.EOG’s problems are not limited to oil sands.

The company is the subject of several investigations by the Securities and Exchange Commission.

EOD has filed more than 200 bankruptcy filings, and more than 2,000 of those were for alleged violations of securities laws.

In November, EOD announced that it would stop drilling in Canada and sell off its assets in the North American market, including its vast oil sands production.

But it will keep drilling in the rest of the world, including in Europe and Asia, where oil prices have been higher.

The industry has also suffered a setback as other sectors of the economy have slowed.

The federal government has cut spending, and unemployment has hit nearly 16% in some states, the highest level since the financial crisis, according in the National Bureau of Economic Research.

The number of unemployed workers rose in November to 14.5 million from 10.8 million in November 2016, according data from the Labor Department.

That was the largest increase since October 2015.

The unemployment rate was 5.6% in November, the lowest since November 2016.

And there are more people looking for work than there were at the start of the Great Depression, when unemployment was about 4%.”

We are in the midst of a crisis.

The crisis is getting worse and worse and getting worse,” President Donald Trump said in a tweet in September.

He also said in his inaugural address that “we are in trouble, we are bankrupt.”

The president’s comments drew attention to the economic challenges facing the United Kingdom and the United

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