Bitcoin network developer network is getting an upgrade

Bitcoin network developers are gearing up to upgrade the developer network after an outage in the past month, the Bitcoin Foundation said on Tuesday.

Bitcoin developer network nodes will be upgraded to support a new version of the software development kit (SDK) version 3.1.3 on April 19, the foundation said in a blog post.

The upgrade will provide additional features such as better support for mobile apps, support for the Bitcoin blockchain, a new Bitcoin client for the Mac, and the ability to install additional software to help users upgrade to a new software version.

In an email to Bitcoin users, the Foundation said the upgrade will enable developers to build software using the latest version of Bitcoin Core.

The Bitcoin Foundation’s official blog also noted that it will also provide the software developer community with the latest updates and bug fixes to its software.

The foundation said it will support developers who want to upgrade their applications to a newer version of SDK software, including an application called “Blockchain Browser,” which is used by many cryptocurrency projects.

“We look forward to seeing the impact the SDK upgrade will have on the development community,” the foundation wrote.

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