Why you should choose an employer network

As a professional programmer, you should be familiar with the job networks available to you, says Andrew McAfee, CEO of McAfee Labs.

But for most jobs, that network is either private or not very strong.

The job-sharing network is where the good, the hard-working and the ambitious get their start, and the bad, the incompetent and the careless can be left behind.

And for many companies, there’s no incentive for anyone to join.

“It’s the one place you can get the best of both worlds,” says McAfee.

“You get the people that are the most productive, and you get people that you know are going to be successful in the business.”

The main issue, according to McAfee and other job-share advocates, is that it’s too hard to find the right person.

A survey by the American Institute of CPAs found that, on average, people who use job-shared networks were earning on average 40 per cent less than the average worker.

For the first time in more than a decade, the survey showed, job-pooling companies were also struggling to find new talent.

“What’s really changed, as we’ve seen in the last five years or so, is the amount of money that is available to people,” says Michael T. Lefferts, the managing director of the National Association of Public Accountants.

“So what you’re going to see in the next decade or two, we are going a very different direction than we have seen in years past.”

The biggest barriers to finding the right fit

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