Why PS4 and PS5 are not competing with the Xbox One and the PS4 Pro

We know, the Xbox and the Xbox Pro are two separate entities, but they’re competing for the same audience.

They’re the same platform, the same hardware, the very same games.

That’s why it’s impossible to separate them with one console.

If you’re a PS4 gamer, it’s possible to play a lot of Xbox One games on the PS5 Pro, and it’s even possible to use the Xbox Play Anywhere feature with the PS7 Pro.

There’s a difference.

PS5 is a lot more powerful, but it’s not the same game.

It’s a different experience.

That makes it hard to separate the two.

And now that they’re both competing in the same market, PS4s and PS4 Pros are going to be able to sell at a higher price.

You can’t compare apples to apples when it comes to performance and graphics quality, and PS6s and PlayStation 7s aren’t even competitive with the XBox One, either.

Sony and Microsoft need to stop making this distinction.

They should be able both deliver quality games for their platforms, and make the most of the hardware available.

That means giving PS4 owners the option to upgrade from a PS3 to a PS5 or vice versa.

That should make PS4 pros a little more appealing.

But it also means making sure that PS5 and PS7 owners have the same experience when they upgrade.

And that means PS4 fans will be able upgrade to a new system when their current PS5 system becomes too old.

The best way to do that is to make the PS1 and PS2 consoles compatible.

The PS4 is still the best PS1 platform for home gaming.

The Xbox One is the best console for streaming, multiplayer and VR.

The XBox and PS1 are still the most powerful and most popular.

PS4 gamers are getting a new console with better hardware, better games and better features.

There are better ways to make PS5s and the XB1s and XB2s compatible.

But the PS3s and Xbox Ones are better.

This article was originally published on Nov. 14, 2018.

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