Citrix Developer Network: A New Generation of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion for Citrix Network Development

As the developer community’s diversity, inclusion, and equity efforts become more widespread, it is critical that developers continue to be proactive in creating a diverse and inclusive environment for the community.

We have already seen that Citrix developer networks have grown to include a diverse workforce and an equal number of women and men.

Now that we have the new Citrix DevNet, it’s time to bring more diversity and inclusion to our developer network as well.

We’re excited to announce that Cityx developer network development has been upgraded with Citrix Connected Developer Networks, a set of APIs that can be used by developers and developers organizations to access developer networks.

Developers can now leverage the new APIs to create and maintain their own developer networks for use in Citrix environments.

Connected DevNet APIs are available on GitHub for anyone to use.

Developers who already use the new API to access their development network will receive a special Citrix Developers Certificate, allowing them to access developers networks, which will then be managed by the developer.

Developers will also be able to register for developer network membership, which can be purchased in the Citrix Marketplace.

We also encourage developers to take advantage of other community-driven developer initiatives to support diversity and inclusivity.

For instance, developers who are interested in participating in a new developer network can create a dedicated developer channel, and the developer will receive an exclusive developer membership and receive access to all of their developers network.

This new developer channel is open to developers of all genders and backgrounds.

The developer community is also actively involved in community initiatives that can help increase the participation of all developers in the development process.

For example, Citrix has partnered with the Open Source Coalition, a community-led initiative to encourage developers and organizations to support Open Source initiatives.

For more information on developer networks, developers can visit our developer networks and the open source developer channels.

For additional information about Citrix and the Cityx Developer Network, visit our Citrix website.

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