Microsoft and AWS: A new cloud competitor with more power

Google (India)’s new cloud services, including AWS, are going to have a bigger impact on the Indian market than ever before, according to a report from TechCrunch.

AWS has seen a huge growth in its Indian customers and now has over 1.5 million active AWS accounts, while AWS Go is expected to take over the entire Indian cloud service market by 2022.

With the addition of Go, the Indian cloud market is expected become the third largest in the world.

AWS Go, a service that can be deployed on Amazon Web Services, will be available to Indian customers starting next month.

It is unclear when Go will be released to other AWS users.

Amazon Go is the first AWS cloud service to be offered in India.

Amazon Web services have seen a significant increase in popularity since it’s launch in 2016.

The service is currently available for both AWS and Microsoft Azure cloud services.

Microsoft is currently testing its Azure cloud service on Amazon Go.

Microsoft has also begun offering Go to customers through its Azure portal.

AWS and Go are expected to have an enormous impact on Indian consumers and the Indian ecosystem.

India is currently the largest AWS customer base in the country with over 2 billion customers.

Microsoft’s Go service is available for Indian customers on Azure and has been available for several years now.

Microsoft also launched its Azure Cloud for India, an enterprise platform for customers to deploy and manage cloud services for small and medium businesses.

India already has a lot of enterprise customers in the cloud space, with Amazon already hosting a large portion of its India workforce.

Microsoft recently announced that it plans to offer Go as an Azure Service in India by 2020.

Microsoft currently has around 100,000 AWS customers in India, including over 10,000 Indian customers.

AWS in India is a $2 billion investment, according the TechCrunch report.

Google is the leader in India with over 500 million users and over 6.5 billion users.

AWS also has a significant presence in India as well.

Microsoft started offering Go as a service for Indian users in 2017.

Microsoft Go has recently been released to Microsoft Azure customers and is now available for customers on AWS.

Microsoft says that Go will help India’s businesses become more agile and more scalable.

Microsoft estimates that Go users will create over 100,00 new jobs in India within five years.

Microsoft expects to invest more than $10 billion into India’s cloud market by 2020, with more than 1,500 developers.

Amazon is also investing in India through Go.

Amazon recently opened a new office in Bengaluru.

Amazon India currently has more than 100,800 developers in India working on its cloud services and Amazon Go and Azure will help Amazon’s developers scale and improve their applications faster.

Amazon’s Go and Amazon Cloud for Indian are the only AWS cloud services that can currently be deployed in India and have a major impact on its Indian cloud ecosystem.

Amazon and Microsoft have signed a deal to expand their AWS and Azure cloud partnerships, which include Go.

The new AWS Go and Go Go cloud services will provide Indian companies with a new, scalable way to build and run their cloud services in India for the next five years, according TechCrunch’s report.

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