Microsoft releases its new cloud infrastructure toolkit for developers

Microsoft is rolling out a new cloud-based toolskit to developers for building and deploying cloud-native applications.

The new Azure Cloud Developer Network, or Azure Cloud Deployment Kit, offers cloud-driven deployment for Microsoft’s Azure cloud-first apps.

It’s similar to Google’s Azure App Engine, and it will make it easier to deploy and manage Azure apps on multiple devices at the same time, Microsoft said.

“We have been using the Google App Engine for quite some time,” Microsoft Azure CEO Mike Lynch said during a recent Microsoft event.

“Azure is a really great tool to help developers build apps and get them into the cloud.”

Lynch said that the new toolskit, which is now available for developers to preview, was built from the ground up with enterprise apps in mind.

“It’s an enterprise-focused toolkit,” Lynch said.

“There are lots of enterprise apps that can be built, but it’s designed to work with apps that run on Windows, Windows Server, and Windows Azure.”

The new toolsKit also includes the Microsoft Cloud Developer Toolkit, Microsoft Cloud Deployments, Microsoft Azure Cloud Tools, and Microsoft Azure Web Services.

Microsoft has also added a cloud-enabled Windows Azure service that runs on Microsoft Azure for developers.

It provides APIs to run Windows apps on Azure in a single service.

The new Azure SDK provides developers with tools to build apps that are more lightweight and perform better.

Microsoft also announced a new SDK for Windows that will be released in early 2018.

The SDK for Visual Studio 2017 will be included in that SDK, as will Visual Studio 2018 and Visual Studio 2019.

Microsoft says it has also released a new Windows Developer ToolKit for Azure, which provides tools to developers to build and deploy applications on Windows Azure.

The SDK for Azure also provides the tools to run native Windows apps and Windows 8 applications.

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