What You Need to Know About Intel’s Developer Network

A lot of us don’t have the time or bandwidth to go out and get our hands on a high-end device, but there are some developers out there who do.

And they’re building and building and getting their apps to the masses.

In this video, Intel developer network expert Dave Mascara talks about the network development strategies behind the platform and the apps that are being built for it.

Intel is the world’s largest developer network and is currently in the process of building the world-first consumer device for developers.

In 2018, Intel announced a $1 billion investment in the company to support the development of the developer community.

This includes a new community-focused ecosystem to help grow and support developers, and a dedicated Intel Developer Network infrastructure to make it easy to build apps for the Intel platform.

“Our new community infrastructure will provide the infrastructure to enable a wide variety of services and capabilities to help developers connect, share ideas, collaborate, and collaborate in a community where every developer can make an impact,” Intel said in a statement.

Here’s what you need to know about the new infrastructure.

What does Intel have in store for the developer ecosystem?

The new Intel Developer Alliance will be built around a three-part model: The Intel Developer Development Network, a hub for developers to collaborate, share and connect on shared platforms, the Intel Developer Platform Platform, a shared platform to help accelerate the development and deployment of Intel-powered apps, and the Intel Network Development Strategy, a roadmap to support Intel developers’ efforts to build and distribute high-performance computing platforms.

These three initiatives are all key to the new Intel ecosystem.

Developers can now start by working with the Intel network to build their apps for Windows and Android, or build an Intel-specific platform for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Developers will also have the opportunity to use Intel’s developer tools to make their apps available for download to other developers.

Once they have made their apps accessible, developers can then share and collaborate with other developers on the network.

What platforms will Intel support?

The developer network will be available to any developer who chooses to build a Windows or Android app, but it will be limited to Windows and Windows Phone devices only.

There are no plans for a Windows Phone or Linux support at this time.

However, Intel said it would be happy to work with other vendors to build for these platforms.

“The Intel Developer network platform enables the acceleration of developer efforts across a broad range of platforms including Windows and Mac platforms,” Intel’s announcement said.

“This includes mobile and desktop development, video and audio development, and IoT development.”

What platforms are being supported?

Windows and Linux will be supported, but not on a universal basis.

Windows Phone and Android are still being developed, and Windows is the only platform that will not be available for developers building for Windows 10.

“For Windows, Intel’s new network architecture will support an array of devices, including mobile devices, the first-generation Surface Pro, Surface Pro 4, Surface Book, and Surface Studio tablets,” Intel stated.

“Windows 10 is currently shipping to more than 60 million developers across six markets and Intel’s network is set to expand to support Windows 10 devices in the coming months.”

This is important, because the new network will allow developers to build on top of Windows 10 in a way that would not have been possible prior to the introduction of the platform.

What will the new platform be called?

Intel has not yet announced the name of the new product.

“Developers will be able to quickly find and share their apps with others who are building on the same platform and can also share the experiences with others using the same Microsoft Windows platform,” Intel added.

“As we build out the new ecosystem, we are committed to bringing the best tools and services to developers, so they can build great experiences across their platforms.”

Are you ready to build an app for Intel?

For now, you can sign up for an Intel Developer Developer Network account to get started building an app.

In order to build your app for the new networking infrastructure, developers will need to download and install the Intel SDK, which will allow them to compile and deploy their apps.

This SDK is already available for iOS and Android developers, but the new Network Development strategy will be the first time it is available for the Windows platform.

Intel will also provide developer tools for the platform, such as tools to enable Windows to be used in an enterprise-class manner, and tools to accelerate the creation of high-quality, high-performing applications.

“These tools will enable developers to develop more advanced apps for Intel and to make them available to the Windows Store for the first on-premises Windows 10 device in the first quarter of 2019,” Intel announced.

“In addition, we will provide support for the Microsoft SDK and Windows Platform APIs for developers who want to use the Intel hardware for their apps.”

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