Why your browser can’t open the Google News app

Google is currently working on a fix for its Chrome OS-based mobile browser that will let it open apps that aren’t natively supported by Chrome OS.

According to a report from TechRadar, the feature will be made available as part of a forthcoming update to Chrome OS for mobile.

Google’s mobile browser isn’t yet available for Android and iOS, but that won’t be an issue for most people who haven’t updated to ChromeOS.

Chrome OS can run apps natively, but Google has promised it will eventually support the full range of apps it offers.

This means that users who use ChromeOS on mobile should have no trouble installing the app on their device.

This should make it easy for people to get a basic, up-to-date news app without having to worry about getting it to run on every device that they own.

ChromeOS can run Android apps on the same hardware, but this means they’re also going to be incompatible with each other, so you’ll have to do your own testing.

The feature will probably only be available for ChromeOS phones, which means it’ll only work on phones that have the hardware to run Android applications.

Chromeos apps won’t appear on the desktop, though, so they won’t automatically appear in your browser.

This will also be a big improvement for users who don’t want to go through the hassle of installing a third-party app to install their own news app.

Google has already been working on this feature for Android, too, and it’s available in beta for developers.

This new feature should be more useful to people who have an Android device with a Snapdragon 800 chip, as it will allow them to install news apps native to the device.

It’s unclear how much of a difference the feature makes to the overall experience of ChromeOS, but it’ll probably be worth a few more clicks than you’d get on Android.

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